What’s in a name?

06.02.19 Uncategorised By Anthony Hourigan
cloudbreak wealth kiama

Where does the name come from?

Many people have asked me where the name Cloudbreak Wealth comes from. Sometimes the question is asked a different way, which is: “So you must be a surfer?”. Cloudbreak is a surf break in Fiji (pictured above) where they have the Fiji Pro each year, and many of the pro surfers, past and present will tell you it’s their favourite place in the world to surf.

It’s a fast left-hand break onto a coral reef, and it can get very, very big. This means to ride it safely you’ve really got to know your stuff, because when you get it right you can find yourself enjoying surfing at about as good as it gets!

Compare this to the world of investments. The big difference in investments is that we have the luxury of diversification. When done correctly, over the long term, we ride out the difficult periods and generate solid returns.


Surfing analogies aside…

At the heart of what we do is portfolio management, and as alluded to above, this means diversifying across multiple asset classes. We invest domestically and internationally in listed equities, unlisted, pre-IPO and private equity. Most of our clients are so busy doing what they’re good at, so they outsource the management of their portfolio to us.

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