We invest across a broad range of asset classes, listed and unlisted, in Australia and across the world.

We have access to an incredible range of investment opportunities across the world.

We love investment markets and investing, as do many of our clients. Most of our clients have us manage the whole investment process, and we also have clients who like to be active in their investments. Whichever category you fit, we unearth opportunities domestically and globally that can supercharge any portfolio.

Investment is an important part of the wealth creation process.

Once we have determined the most appropriate structure for your circumstances, then we get your investments under way within that structure. Finding opportunities is a big part of this process, and this is more than just researching existing listed companies. We also provide our clients access to corporate actions such as secondary raisings, initial public offerings (IPO), pre-IPO, seed capital and angel investment and other private equity.

Whether you want us to build and manage your portfolio for you from scratch, manage an existing portfolio, or manage your investments yourself, we provide the solution.

We get really excited about great investments, and we love seeing our clients benefit from having them in their portfolio.

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Our process

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    Getting started is easy

    Our initial meeting carries no cost or obligation. Usually, this meeting lasts about 45 minutes. It’s designed to let you get a feel for how we work and let us discover what you would like to accomplish. After this meeting, we will mutually be able to decide if it’s suitable to continue on to the next steps of the planning process.

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    Information Collection

    This step will take 1-2 meetings, depending on the complexity of your personal situation. We’ll refine what you’re aiming for into specific, measurable goals and collect all the details of your finances. This is the information that will be used to assess which strategies are best for you and formulate your plan.

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    Analysis and Plan Formulation

    Now you can sit back and relax while we get to work. We’ll analyse how to make the complexities of investment (think superannuation, tax legislation, the entities & structure) all work to your advantage to help you get where you want to be. We develop, and present to you a plan that clearly explains each financial step you should take, to help you achieve the outcome you want.

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    Staying on track

    We help you set everything up to get you started, then we stay with you along the way to make sure you keep on track. We monitor your investments and investment markets; we’re there to answer your questions, whenever you need it; we keep you informed of any relevant news or changes to legislation; we systematically review your strategies to ensure they are continuing to meet your needs; and we help make adjustments for any unforeseen changes along the way.

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