We remove the financial stress from your retirement.

We help you achieve the retirement you want.

We all look forward to retirement; however, when the time comes, financial concerns can be substantial, especially given the number of uncertainties around the rules and legislation. While worrying doesn’t solve much, having a plan to manage the financial challenges can help ease some of that stress. We develop a plan that clearly explains each financial step you should take along the way, to help you achieve the retirement you want.

Approaching retirement

Retiring can be one of the most stressful events in your life. We map out the steps you need to take, so you can gain some clarity and face the future with confidence. We’ll work out when you can retire; how much you’ll need, and the best way to reach that figure. Nearing retirement is also a great time to employ strategies that boost your savings and save you thousands of dollars in tax. The earlier you start to plan, the easier it will be.

Already retired

Retirement can last 30 years or more. A lack of sufficient planning leaves retirees financially vulnerable to the risks of outliving retirement savings, overreacting to market volatility, holding inappropriate portfolios and not being prepared for unexpected costs.

We conduct a detailed analysis of your situation and create a financial plan just for you; so you can stop worrying about the financial risks of retirement and start focusing on enjoying yourself.

We know a whole lot about super, investing, tax, and the pension; while you know what you want to do in retirement and how much it might cost.

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Our process

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    Getting started is easy

    Our initial meeting carries no cost or obligation. Usually, this meeting lasts about 45 minutes. It’s designed to let you get a feel for how we work and let us discover what you would like to accomplish. After this meeting, we will mutually be able to decide if it’s suitable to continue on to the next steps of the planning process.

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    Information Collection

    This step will take 1-2 meetings, depending on the complexity of your personal situation. We’ll refine what your aiming for into specific, measurable goals and collect all the details of your finances. This is the information that will be used to assess which strategies are best for you and formulate your plan.

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    Analysis and Plan Formulation

    Now you can sit back and relax while we get to work. We’ll workout how to make the complexities of retirement (think superannuation, tax legislation, the age pension, investing) all work to your advantage to help you get where you want to be. We work out, and present to you, a plan that clearly explains each financial step you should take, to help you achieve the retirement you want.

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    Staying on track

    We help you set everything up to get you started, then we stay with you along the way to make sure you keep on track. We monitor your investments and investment markets; we’re there to answer your questions, whenever you need it; we keep you informed of any relevant news or changes to legislation; we systematically review your strategies to ensure they are continuing to meet your needs; and we help make adjustments for any unforeseen changes along the way.

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